EU Horsemeat Scandal

With the revelation that much of the horsemeat that has come onto the EU market originated in Ireland, it only seems reasonable to again speculate about the fate of Shergar in 1983. It is rumoured that certain fast-food joints have collaborated to create a secret breeding program over the last few decades, the aim of which is to create the finest genetic material to ever have been inserted into a bun for human consumption.

The so-called “Shergar burger” is the real deal. You will be able to find it at participating restaurants, but not furlong since many EU ministers feel it behooves us to treat horses with more respect. The French representatives were however oddly silent on the matter.

If your digestive system is not accustomed to the particular nature of equine delicacies you may wish to proceed with caution and just try an appetizer sized portion first of all. Some newcomers report that eating it as a mane has given them the trots.


P.S. Please don’t eq-whine about this article. I love horses along with all other animals – whether in buns or in their natural habitats.